The New Aesthetics of the 21st Century

Prepare yourself for another Cultural Revolution, as a new generation of merely Asian Animamix artists enters the art scene.

Animamix, what's in a name?

The concept of the 'Neo-Aesthetics of Animamix' was first suggested in 2004 by professor Victoria Lu, while curating the exhibition 'Fiction. Love' in the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). Sha became aware of a new trend in aesthetics, combining 'animation' and 'comics' and coined a term to describe it: Animamix.
Animamix responds to and builds on previous art movements. One could say it builds on the formal ideas of modernism and escapes from the mystifying creations of abstract art.

Animamix, a definition

Animamix can easily be defined by 4 major characteristics:
various and abundant forms, centered on the worship of youth culture;
the creation of images and objects with a strong narrative character;
a new perspective on light, for a unique visual experience of art;
blurred distinction between highbrow and lowbrow art.

The most fascinating aspect of Animamix art certainly is that it interchanges the nature of real and fictious world in a humourous and satiric way. Moreover, it represents in a bold and heterogeneous manner the clash between artistic thinking and living imagination.

Animamix Biennial

First held in 2007, Victoria Lu, an experienced curator and the artistic director of MoCA Shanghai, organised earlier this year the second Animamix Biennial. In four leading museums in as many cities in Taiwan and China, Victoria Lu presented artwork of not less than 150 artists from 30 countries. These biennials certainly made Animamix art more recognisable to mainstream audiences. Judging by the growing number of Animamix direction artworks in international art fairs and galleries, Animamix is an emerging trend. A trend that, according to professor Lu, will become as important for the 21st century as abstract art was for the 20th.

Animamix in Belgium

Robinsons Art Gallery was the first and only gallery to pick up on this new trend and now has the privilege to work with a new generation of talented Chinese artists.