Art Fair: 54TH BIENNALE DI VENEZIA: Olivier Pauwels - Han yajuan - Janice Devali - Yang Na - Mu Lei

Venice, Italy

4 June - 6 November 2011


Future Pass - From Asia to the World

Opening events:
1 June - 3 June 2011

Over 100 artists, both Asian and non-, offer a kaleidoscopic panorama of a new aesthetic paradigm currently proliferating from Asia to the rest of the world. Crossing genres and disciplines as they appropriate the digital culture of the 21st century, artists working in this eclectic new aesthetic are generating new types of relationships to the globalizing world, offering us all a possible Pass to the Future.

Future Pass explores the relationship between the creative energy of contemporary art in Asia and the rest of the world. The exhibition responds to the general theme of the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice, presenting not only an artistic "nation" that transcends national boundaries, but also a new artistic universe centered in Asia.

The art of Olivier Pauwels

The unexpected World of cyber babies to be expected

Expect the unexpected in the amazing universe of Olivier Pauwels, inhabited by mysterious cyber babies. Olivier Pauwels is the indisputable puppet master of a curious android people who seem to harbour a powerful secret under a fascinating layer of childlike innocence. The peculiar assemblage creations they control evoke a certain alienating recognition as well as a fascinating indefinability. Olivier Pauwels allows spectators to enter an unknown, unconventional world in which everything seems to serve some top-secret mission. It is the special way in which Olivier Pauwels incorporates the wisdom of past ages into an unmistakable message for tomorrows generation. A generation who will live in a world where the unexpected awaits them, albeit not completely unexpectedly.

Janice Devali and her art

The seductive art of deception

Dont trust your own eyes if you look at Janice Devalis works of art, since nothing is quite what it seems. Not the well-known portrait heads, not the sexy manga bunnies, nor the mystical symbols and motifs. Even her striking painting technique appears to be a embroidery-like combination of endless series of pixels, boxes, curls and Swarovski crystals. After all, Janice Devali understands the art of visual deception better than anybody else. Its precisely this unalloyed girl power thats so seductive... Welcome to the wonderful world of Janice Devali!

Yang Na

Mu Lei

Han Yajuan