FUTURE PASS: Janice Devali - Han Yajuan - Mu Lei - Olivier Pauwels - Yang NA

Robinsons Art Gallery, Zeedijk 757A, 8300 Knokke Zoute, Belgium

15 July - 2 Aug, 2011


Robinsons home to guests of the Venice Biennale


Robinsons Art Gallery wishes to spotlight its Animamix-artists that were invited this summer to the 54th Venice Biennale. Experience the ambience of this renowned art exhibition close to home.

54th Venice Biennal

No less than five artists promoted by Robinsons Art Gallery were invited to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale, Illuminations. Olivier Pauwels, Han Yajuan, Janice Devali, Yang Na and Mu Lei present their work at Future Pass, a collateral event of his renowned international art exhibition until November 6.

Future Pass, from Asia to the world

Curated in an Asian perspective by Victoria Lu, Future Pass explores the relationship between the creative energy of contemporary art in Asia and the rest of the world. It has been structured around the concept of 'yin' and 'yang', the idea that opposites complement each other: East/West, Past/Future, Universal/Individual and Virtual/Real.


Over 100 artists, both Asian and non-Asian, were invited to take part in this exciting and innovative encounter. Amongst them five Animamix-artists that are promoted by Robinsons Art Gallery. Animamix, a designation first coined by Victoria Lu in 2004, is a major source of inspiration for the global art scene in the 21st century and combines animation and comics, switching from reality to fiction, using humor and satire.

The artists in a nutshell

Olivier Pauwels is a re-inventing artist who creates an amazing universe, inhabited by mysterious cyber babies that are just as endearing as they are intriguing.
Han Yajuan uses strong, contrasting colours for her canvasses with mainly female, indifferent and ironical figures who seem to whirl and dance in a carefree world.
Janice Devali understands het art of visual deception and has a striking painting technique: a combination of endless series of boxes, curls and Swarovski crystals.
Yang Na's work is immensely dazzling. Using a variety of fair but false objects, piled together, she creates an illusionary but blurry image.
Mu Lei's style can best be described as 'new medium installation-like painting' and has an amusing air of neatness and refinement to them, contradictory and full of tension.