Olivier Pauwels Biography

Olivier Pauwels (°1974) is a passionate artist. He is mainly known as a reinventing artist for his poetic and special assemblages with selected recycling material.

The artist, who is internationally known, is exclusively represented by the Robinsons Art Gallery.

Reinventing art

Olivier Pauwels's work belongs to reinventing art. He assembles his imaginative figures with an animated, poetic view and exclusively with parts of old machines and apparatus. In this way he creates new objects that are lifted to a higher level and that have lost all connection with their past. An example is the Spoetnik, a washing machine transformed into a spaceship.


Very familiar are also Oliviers cyberbabies: android creatures, born of classic toy dolls and part from old machines. These human machines, which originally were given an undeniably punk look or military attributes, are moving as well as fascinating. They enable the artist to express his own view on the world.


Olivier Pauwels observes, analyses and expresses his vision in strong messages. His affinity with the skate and graffiti world is still an important source of inspiration. His preference for airbrush and stencilling results from those subcultures. However, during his graphic studies he hit upon the idea of using dolls in combination with carefully selected recycling material. A successful move, which was directive for his further career.


Car components, lamps, electronic and radio apparatus charismatic objets trouvs, which allow Olivier to create his dream world. Also his dolls are his own creation, he casts them in polyester and paints them. Afterwards he dresses them with the necessary accessories and places them in a proper context. Some of his creations move, send signals or turn some of their screws.


Through his work Pauwels creates a dual artistic world. The often heart melting toy value of his assemblages contrasts sharply with the strong messages he propagates and the cruel nature of some of his sculptures. As a consequence Olivier Pauwels amazes us time and again.